You can now help combat against hair loss with the new range of hair growth shampoos and lotions designed exclusively by DHI Global Medical Group.  With its newly improved formulation, and bursting with natural ingredients, our shampoos and lotions are great for keeping hair strong and healthy.

Hair Growth Shampoo

Our hair growth shampoo contains oligopeptides that reduces the chances of hair loss whilst protecting and nourishing hair.  Products are available for normal, greasy and dry hair.

Hair Growth Lotion

Our hair growth lotion contains ingredients such as oligopeptides that reduce hair loss, ginseng extract that help stimulation the circulation on the scalp and promote hair growth.

Extra Mild Shampoo

For sensitive scalps, our extra mild shampoo contains anti-irritants and mild cleansing effects, whilst still protecting and nourishing hairs and reducing hair loss.  This shampoo is perfect for use after hair implantation.

Soothing Lotion

Our soothing lotion is great for sensitive scalps by providing anti-irritant, antiphlogistic and anti-inflammatory effects.  The unique ingredients provides moisture and protection to the scalp and hair.