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At DHI Blackpool, we understand that in order to receive a successful and long-lasting treatment, you need to receive an accurate diagnosis first. To recognise this we have created a unique diagnostic system for alopecia called UDSA.


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Why was UDSA developed?


Research conducted by DHI showed that around 67% of men and women who suffered from hair loss went ahead with treatments without receiving the correct medical diagnosis first.
Hair loss can develop through a number of different causes and with a resulting difference in patterns. DHI created the Unique Diagnostic System for Alopecia (UDSA) in order to help provide a clear-cut medical diagnosis for different types of alopecia for both male and females suffering from hair loss.


How the UDSA works

udsaThe USDA system has been specially developed by world leading experts in order to offer a personalised and correct diagnosis for different types of alopecia, hair and scalp disorders.
Each case is specific and treated individually. Many factors are taken into account including dermatological, psychological and even mathematical aspects alongside the alopecia test. These will help determine a suitable treatment plan for an individual.
At DHI, we have a team of specialists that are involved in the diagnostic process based on the individuals’ needs and can include a consultant, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, psychologist and endocrinologist. These leading medical specialists make up the scientific board who will supervise, consult and approve every treatment plan.

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Here at DHI Blackpool we believe that a successful treatment stems from the basis of a correct diagnosis. The UDSA was developed for this very purpose in order to provide a sophisticated diagnosis for hair loss.

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