Restore your Eyebrows with DHI

DHI Blackpool now offers clients two different methods of restoring their eyebrows’ shape and look.

Eyebrows can serve some pretty important functions in helping protect the eyes from sweat, dirt and extreme sunlight. Eyebrows also help define our expressions when we communicate with other people. You may not notice it, but you talk your eyebrows also move and can evoke expressions and emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness and many more.

Well shaped eyebrows help frame the face by balancing and bringing out the best in your features such as your eyes and your cheekbones. However, a poorly-shaped brow will never have the same effect.

Eyebrow hair loss can be due to different reasons including trauma, stress, obsessive over-plucking, local and systemic diseases and even medical or surgical procedures such as chemotherapy.

DHI Blackpool offers two different types of treatments to restore hair to the eyebrows. These are the Direct Hair Implantation method and the Micropigmentation method.


Method 1

Direct Hair Implantation for Eyebrows

With the unique Direct Hair Implantation technique, we are able to extract and implant hairs on any part of the body and face that requires hair. Hair follicles are picked to best match and compliment the eyebrows. Using specially patented DHI tools, the surgeon is able to have full control over each hair they implant including the depth, direction and angle of the hair in order to achieve a natural result.

Eyebrow Restorations at DHI Blackpool

The surgeon will discuss suitable eyebrow shape designs with the patient and determine a natural looking symmetry.

The number of hairs required to achieve the correct density is calculated as well as identifying the right type of follicle grafts needed.

Each hair is extracted one by one from the donor area (this is usually at the back of the head or sides depending on the quality of the hairs)

Each hair is then implanted using a specially patented implanter tool into the eyebrow area.

The implanted hairs immediately begin growing in the anagen phase, and will continue a lifetime of growth.


Method 2

Micropigmentation for Eyebrows

Micropigmentation is unlike getting a tattoo as it does not use the same type of materials used for permanent makeup, though it is a similar process. Non-toxic pigments are used to insert small dots, dashes and lines just below the surface of the skin to give the appearance of shortly cut hairs.


Micropigmentation can be used to give the eyebrows more density and shape. This can be inserted onto the bare skin or in between existing hairs in order to simulate natural looking brows.

You can find out more about the micropigmentation process here.