Restore Body Hair with DHI Direct Hair Implantation

With Direct Hair Implantation it is now possible to transplant hair to any part of the body. Ideal for men and women.

It is now possible to restore hair to any part of the body with the Direct Hair Implantation technique. This is possible for both men and women.


Body Hair Restorations at DHI Blackpool

The surgeon will discuss body hair designs with the patient according to their requirements.

The total number of hairs needed to create the required density on the body is calculated as well as identifying the correct types of follicle grafts needed to achieve a natural result.

The hairs are extracted as needed from the donor area (the area at the back of the head or the sides)

The hairs are implanted using a special implanter into the areas on the body that require hair.

The implanted hairs will continue to have a lifetime of growth.


No-Fuss Natural Results

As each hair follicle is chosen based on its ability to match your body hair, as well as the use of special custom-designed tools and the skill of the surgeon – you can ensure that you will be able to achieve the most natural of results.