Direct Facial Hair Implantation

As well as being able to restore hair to the head, Direct Hair Implantation is also able to restore hair to the face. Hairs that best match your facial hair are individually picked and extracted one by one in order to then be transplanted. Thanks to the custom-designed implanter, the surgeon is able to control the depth, direction and angle of the hairs – aiming for a fully natural result.


Beard Restorations at DHI Blackpool

The Direct Hair Implantation technique aims to restore hair to the face on the jawline, the cheeks, chin and upper lip areas.

  1. The surgeon will discuss beard designs with the patient based on their requirements and will opt for the most natural looking.
  2. The number of hairs needed to achieve the required density are calculated as well as noting what kind of hair follicle grafts are needed.
  3. The hairs are then extracted from the donor area (this is usually at the back of the head or sides depending on the quality of the hairs).
  4. The extracted hairs are then implanted one by one into the required areas for the beard.
  5. The implanted hairs will then start their growth phase and continue to grow over time.


Regain your Beard with DHI Blackpool

Read more about the Direct Hair Implantation technique here.

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